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Re: Obsolete matherr, _LIB_VERSION, libieee.a

On Thu, 24 Aug 2017, Steve Ellcey wrote:

> It is not clear to me that I need a separate abi-versions.h file, the
> tests are already including shlib-compat.h and that includes the
> existing abi-versions.h.  Here is a patch that I have created and
> tested, if the approach seems reasonable I can submit it in a seperate
> thread with a ChangeLog file.  Basically, I created a TEST_COMPAT macro
> that is almost identical to SHLIB_COMPAT and then I used that to ifdef
> the test.  I put the macro in shlib-compat.h, maybe it should be in a
> different or new header file but I liked having it there so that it was
> near SHLIB_COMPAT which it is based on.  Testing on aarch64 looked good
> for both ILP32 and LP64 with ILP32 doing the dummy do_test and LP64
> running the original do_test.

TEST_COMPAT is plausible, but the patch does of course need to address the 
malloc test as well (with the appropriate version for obsoletion named in 
the TEST_COMPAT call), and I think returning 77 (UNSUPPORTED) rather than 
0 is appropriate in the fallback case, given that the (obsolete) feature 
being tested *is* unsupported by the (new) port.

Joseph S. Myers

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