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Re: [PATCH] <bits/syscall.h>: Use an arch-independent system call list on Linux

On 08/24/2017 11:15 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> I do not object to bounding the SYS_* API exported by glibc to a set of 
> system calls known to that glibc version.

Thanks for your input.

> I do object to having a test we know will fail when someone builds glibc 
> with a newer set of kernel headers than that version of glibc.  That is, I 
> think the test should allow extra __NR_* if the kernel headers have a 
> newer (major.minor) version number than the kernel version listed in 
> syscall-names.list.  That way, the test is still effective in development 
> as long as people update the kernel number when adding syscalls to the 
> file or doing other new-kernel-version updates, without causing spurious 
> failures for people building past release versions / branches of glibc.

This is a valuable comment. I agree, that sounds like a good position.

> I'd expect LC_ALL=C to have to be set when running the various awk scripts 
> (at least those depending in any way on the ordering of the syscall list).


I am interested in hearing Andreas' position, and if my clarification
made our distro position clearer, and if he objects to the change.


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