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Re: [PATCH v2] Added Locale for mfe_MU


I'm sorry for reviewing this late:

23.08.2017 06:27 Akhilesh Kumar <> wrote:
> [...]
> diff --git a/localedata/locales/mfe_MU b/localedata/locales/mfe_MU
> [...]
> +tel ""
> +fax ""
> +language "English"

I think this should say "Morisyen".

> [...]
> +% Abbreviated weekday names
> +abday "dim";/
> + "lin";/
> + "mar";/

As Mike said, please be consistent with the spaces.  I don't think
we have an official standard of formatting locale source code
but there is one tab before "dim" then two tabs before "lin"
and "mar".  I think that one tab would be OK but any other
consistent standard would be acceptable, too.

> [...]
> +% Full weekday names
> +day "dimans";/
> + "lindi";/
> + "mardi";/

Same here except that there are spaces before "dimans"
and then two tabs before "lindi" and "mardi".

> [...]
> +% Abbreviated month names
> +abmon "zan";/
> + "fev";/
> + "mar";/
> [...]
> +% Full month names
> +mon "zanvie";/
> + "fevriye";/
> + "mars";/
> [...]

Same here, twice (abmon & mon).

> [...]
> +d_t_fmt "%a %d %b %Y %T %Z"
> +d_fmt "%d/%m/%y"
> +t_fmt "%T"
> +am_pm "AM";"PM"
> +t_fmt_ampm "%l:%M:%S %P %Z"
> +date_fmt "%a %e %b %H:%M:%S %Z %Y"

In turn, here we have formatting with spaces, and in many other
places as well.

Mike, everyone, have you got an opinion whether we should allow
mixed tab vs. space formatting in newly created locale definition

> +%
> +yesexpr "^[+1yY]"
> +noexpr "^[-0nN]"
> +yesstr "Yes"
> +nostr "No"

This source may be inaccurate because it does not say if "Yes"
and "No" is capitalized because it should be always capitalized
or because they appear in the beginning of the sentence (or just
standalone).  The yesstr and nostr should be capitalized or not
depending on the regular grammar use, not based on the "beginning
of a sentence" rule.  That means, they must be capitalized only
if the language rules say they must be always capitalized.



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