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Re: [PATCH 0/3] posix: glob fixes and refactor (1st part)

Thanks for starting the ball rolling on this. I merged your changes into Gnulib and merged the result back into your proposed patchset, resulting in the attached followup patch which should make glibc and Gnulib identical in the respective files. Please take a look at it and revise the proposal accordingly. Most of the changes in this followup patch should be clear from its commit message. Some general comments:

* The attached followup patch fixes what appears to be a glitch in your merge, which omitted part of glibc commit 44c637ce806cc41534e89117a93c41fd310e7e3f
dated Thu Oct 20 10:04:41 2016 +0200. Please double-check this.

* For .c files shared with Gnulib, include <config.h> first in every .c file, when _LIBC is not defined.

* Avoid changing C99-style decl-after-statement to C89-style decl-then-statement. Gnulib no longer requires this part of C89, and leaving the code alone shortens the patch and keeps the code more readable.

* Fix some stray occurrences of grave accent that should be apostrophe.

* White space should use spaces instead of tabs, and should follow GNU conventions for indenting. This is the convention in Gnulib, and as it is allowed by glibc it will simplify integration if we use it in files shared with Gnulib.

* Avoid some white-space changes from what is in glibc now.

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