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Re: [PATCH] New feature proposal: pureglibc

On Tue, 22 Aug 2017, Renzo Davoli wrote:

> A pure C library is a library providing only the former item.

I'd expect such a library not to use any existing OS sysdeps directory in 
glibc, or to use any of the existing syscalls code; rather, it would look 
like a new OS to glibc and have an associated GCC port for compiling for 
that OS.  We removed the NaCl port, but it may illustrate the sort of 
things that are relevant (as may the not-in-tree WebAssembly port that 
also exists).  Of course glibc builds and installs various executables, so 
there would be a question of how generic executables can be built and 
installed for such an OS environment (maybe one option for running such 
executables would be an execution environment that sets a breakpoint on 
the hook used for interfacing with the system and acts accordingly when 
that breakpoint is reached, in addition to execution environments that 
substitute an alternative implementation of that hook for direct 

Joseph S. Myers

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