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Re: [PATCH 1/1] Made regs from comma-separated to dashed range

On Tue, 22 Aug 2017, Akhilesh Kumar wrote:

> The <regs> can be a comma-separated list, or a dashed range, or a
> mixture.

The fact that there are two different ways of writing some code is not a 
justification for changing from one to the other.  You need to explain 
why your change is an improvement.  For example, is there some external 
coding standard for ARM assembly code that you wish to propose glibc 
follows, which recommends one alternative over the other in this case?  
And, given that there are many uses of both syntaxes in glibc, not just in 
those two files, are you proposing to change all such uses to the 
preferred syntax if we reach consensus on the preferred syntax?

In such a case, where it's necessary first to reach consensus on the 
preferred option before making things consistent, and there is no 
user-visible bug, I don't think filing bugs in Bugzilla is appropriate.  
Rather, you should start with an analysis of the issue and a recommended 
approach, seeking a discussion leading to consensus.

You also need to describe how a patch was tested (e.g. by verifying that 
binaries of glibc built before and after the patch were identical).  And 
note the standard syntax for ChangeLog entries, as used in existing 

Joseph S. Myers

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