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Fix position of tests-unsupported definition in assert/Makefile [committed]

tests-unsupported has to be defined before the inclusion of Rules in a
subdirectory Makefile; otherwise it is ineffective.  This patch fixes
the ordering in assert/Makefile, where a recent test addition put
tests-unsupported too late (resulting in build failures when the C++
compiler was missing or broken, and thereby showing up the unrelated
bug 21987).

Incidentally, I don't see why these tests depend on
$(have-cxx-thread_local) rather than just a working C++ compiler.

Tested in such a configuration (broken compiler/libstdc++) with

2017-08-22  Joseph Myers  <>

	* assert/Makefile [$(have-cxx-thread_local)]: Move conditional
	variable definitions above inclusion of ../Rules.

diff --git a/assert/Makefile b/assert/Makefile
index 9ec1be8..222ab51 100644
--- a/assert/Makefile
+++ b/assert/Makefile
@@ -27,8 +27,6 @@ headers	:= assert.h
 routines := assert assert-perr __assert
 tests := test-assert test-assert-perr tst-assert-c++ tst-assert-g++
-include ../Rules
 ifeq ($(have-cxx-thread_local),yes)
 CFLAGS-tst-assert-c++.o = -std=c++11
 LDLIBS-tst-assert-c++ = -lstdc++
@@ -37,3 +35,5 @@ LDLIBS-tst-assert-g++ = -lstdc++
 tests-unsupported += tst-assert-c++ tst-assert-g++
+include ../Rules

Joseph S. Myers

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