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Re: [PATCH] Add hidden visibility to internal function prototypes

On Mon, 21 Aug 2017, H.J. Lu wrote:

> > Now, it would be reasonable to build those GMP files again (configured as
> > in-testsuite not in-libc) just for use in those tests.  That might be the
> > cleanest approach for avoiding the problem, but it might also run into
> > other problems if building those files as in-testsuite doesn't actually
> > work because they depend on internal details of headers that are disabled
> > for the in-testsuite case.
> Why not require and use the real gmp library for those tests?

Requiring additional libraries for the target excessively complicates 
testing.  GMP is a particular pain in this regard given how it may 
sometimes try to choose an ABI that's not the one the compiler defaults 
to, or have problems with more unusual ABIs such as get included in glibc 

On the other hand, copying mini-gmp.c and mini-gmp.h from the GMP sources 
into glibc, and using those unmodified in the tests, may well be a 
reasonable approach if it works: mini-gmp is designed to be copied like 
that, and avoids all the complications around ABI choice and assembly 
sources.  That way you'd avoid additional dependencies on the target.  But 
we should definitely avoid local changes to mini-gmp; inclusion of 
mini-gmp would mean adding it to the list at and including it in the 
list in scripts/update-copyrights of files that don't get copyright dates 
updated because of being imported verbatim from elsewhere.

Joseph S. Myers

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