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Re: [PATCH] Add hidden visibility to internal function prototypes

On Mon, 21 Aug 2017, H.J. Lu wrote:

> > I don't know if other tests, in math/ or elsewhere, also link against
> > particular libc.a objects.
> I  am testing a patch to provide a simple __assert_fail implementation for
> these math tests.

That seems like a workaround rather than a proper fix for this issue.

> Personally, I believe these tests are wrong.  if we need to access the
> internal interfaces of libc, we should export them as private interface,
> not by abusing libc.a and

The point isn't to access internal interfaces of libc.  It's to access 
multiple-precision functionality that happens to be present in libc, in 
order to use it for a different purpose (to cross-check libm function 
implementations).  I don't think we should export interfaces only used by 
tests; GLIBC_PRIVATE should be for interfaces used by other shared 

Now, it would be reasonable to build those GMP files again (configured as 
in-testsuite not in-libc) just for use in those tests.  That might be the 
cleanest approach for avoiding the problem, but it might also run into 
other problems if building those files as in-testsuite doesn't actually 
work because they depend on internal details of headers that are disabled 
for the in-testsuite case.

Joseph S. Myers

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