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Re: [PATCH] powerpc64le build fails with GCC7

On Mon, 21 Aug 2017, Alexey Neyman wrote:

> At this point, I am not sure whether it is a GLIBC bug (i.e. it should
> bootstrap regardless of the TARGET_FLOAT128_TYPE setting in GCC) or a GCC bug
> (i.e. it should configure TARGET_FLOAT128_TYPE consistently regardless of the
> headers being present in sysroot). Please advise.

I think you should investigate further why the difference in 
TARGET_FLOAT128_TYPE.  But, it's always a good idea to configure such a 
bootstrap compiler with --with-glibc-version=<whatever>, which should 
avoid any need to find headers in the sysroot.  And on some platforms it's 
necessary to do so if you want to do a bootstrap with only two rather than 
three GCC builds (with the first bootstrap GCC being used to build a glibc 
that's identical to what an alternating series of builds would converge 
on) as otherwise GCC disagrees with glibc's expectations about 
stack-smashing protection mechanisms.

Joseph S. Myers

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