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Re: nis compat depreciation and test failures

On 08/17/2017 04:06 PM, DJ Delorie wrote:
> Steve Ellcey <> writes:
>> I have no idea on how to do (a) or what kind of tests we would need for
> The new framework I recently committed to nss/ allows individual tests
> to request one or more "test" services and provide the specific data
> they need for those services.  So the test includes both the getpw*()
> calls and the pwent tables it expects.
> So instead of specifying "files" and using the hosts /etc/passwd, you'd
> specify "test1" and provide an in-test equivalent of /etc/passwd.
> See nss/tst-nss-test2.c for an example.
>> (b) but (c) seems easy enough.  If I change DEFAULT_CONFIG in
>> nss/grp-lookup.c, nss/pwd-lookup.c, and nss/spwd-lookup.c from
>> "compat [NOTFOUND=return] files" to just "files", the tests work fine
>> on my x86 and aarch64 boxes.  Does that seem like the right
>> DEFAULT_CONFIG?  If so, I can submit a patch.
> I suspect just "files" is a reasonable default *for glibc* since that's
> pretty much the only service we build by default now.  Distros of course
> should provide defaults appropriate for the services they're including
> by default (ldap, nis, krb5, whatever) but that's outside of our realm.

I agree, I think "files" is just about the only thing we should list in
a default fallback.


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