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Re: [PATCH v3] Fix Country name for xh_ZA

> As a general rule I don't think we should make changes based only on Wikipedia. Please at least check their references, and cite the primary source in the locale file.

I believe  wiki page in locale language is more trusty (specific to locale information like Country name specific to that country, week, months for that locale etc  ) then other sources. 
Like locale page for indian language. 

>> The same wiki article also contains "uMzantsi Afrika" as its title,

>> with the lowercase "u" despite it's in the beginning of a sentence.

>> At the same time, CLDR says "eMzantsi Afrika":

>> OK, let's leave it as it has been committed.  I'm not telling this

> is wrong, I'm telling that with the variety of versions I don't know

> which is correct and it may be changed in future, for example if

> a native speaker requests.

> Yes, it looks a bit difficult.

> The CLDR value from the survey tool
> is probably also

> preliminary because there is no
> yet.


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