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Re: nis compat depreciation and test failures

Steve Ellcey <> writes:
> I have no idea on how to do (a) or what kind of tests we would need for

The new framework I recently committed to nss/ allows individual tests
to request one or more "test" services and provide the specific data
they need for those services.  So the test includes both the getpw*()
calls and the pwent tables it expects.

So instead of specifying "files" and using the hosts /etc/passwd, you'd
specify "test1" and provide an in-test equivalent of /etc/passwd.

See nss/tst-nss-test2.c for an example.

> (b) but (c) seems easy enough.  If I change DEFAULT_CONFIG in
> nss/grp-lookup.c, nss/pwd-lookup.c, and nss/spwd-lookup.c from
> "compat [NOTFOUND=return] files" to just "files", the tests work fine
> on my x86 and aarch64 boxes.  Does that seem like the right
> DEFAULT_CONFIG?  If so, I can submit a patch.

I suspect just "files" is a reasonable default *for glibc* since that's
pretty much the only service we build by default now.  Distros of course
should provide defaults appropriate for the services they're including
by default (ldap, nis, krb5, whatever) but that's outside of our realm.

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