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nis compat depreciation and test failures

I have a question about libnss_compat.  There was a change to nis/Makefile
to stop building this library by default and only build it when configuring
with --enable-obsolete-nsl.  However some glibc tests are still testing this
library whether it is built or not.  In nss/spwd-lookup.c, nss/pwd-lookup.c,
and nss/grp-lookup.c there is a definition of DEFAULT_CONFIG that includes
'compat' as a lookup method and that will cause some tests to try and load
libnss_compat even when it has not been built.

On most systems this will not cause a failure because when the dynamic loader
cannot find libnss_compat in the glibc build directories it will look in
the system directories and if it finds libnss_compat there it will use it
and no failures show up.  When I test with ILP32 aarch64 there is no
libnss_compat system library, the load of libnss_compat fails and I get these
extra failures:

FAIL: grp/testgrp
FAIL: nss/bug17079
FAIL: posix/globtest
FAIL: pwd/tst-getpw

I don't know if there is anyway that we can stop the testing from using
the standard library locations but I think the tests should at least
be changed to not use the compat lookup method and/or use it only when
configured in.

Steve Ellcey

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