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Re: [PATCH 0/2] Multiarch hooks for memcpy variants

Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
> The first part is not true for falkor since its implementation is a good
> 10-15% faster on the falkor chip due to its design differences.  glibc
> makes pretty extensive use of memcpy throughout, but I don't have data
> on how much difference a core-specific memcpy will make there, so I
> don't have enough grounds for a generic change.

66% of memcpy calls are <=16 bytes. Assuming you can even get a 15% gain
for these small sizes (there is very little you can do different), that's at most 1
cycle faster, so the PLT indirection is going to be more expensive.

> Your last point about hurting everything else is very valid though; it's
> very likely that adding an extra indirection in cases where
> __memcpy_generic is going to be called anyway is going to be expensive
> given that a bulk of the memcpy calls will be for small sizes of less
> than 1k.

Note that the falkor version does quite well in memcpy-random across several
micro architectures so I think parts of it could be moved into the generic code.

> Allowing a PLT only for __memcpy_chk and mempcpy would need a test case
> waiver in check_localplt and that would become a blanket OK for PLT
> usage for memcpy, which we don't want.  Hence my patch is probably the
> best compromise, especially since there is precedent for the approach in
> x86.

I still can't see any reason to even support these entry points in GLIBC, let
alone optimize them using ifuncs. The _chk functions should obviously be
inlined to avoid all the target specific complexity for no benefit. I think this
could trivially be done via the GLIBC headers already. (That's assuming they
are in any way performance critical.)


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