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Re: If your patch received no review during the freeze, please send it again

On 08/09/2017 09:26 AM, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> During the release freeze, everyone's attention was on solving the
> problems that had to be solved before the release could happen.  If
> you submitted a patch during, or shortly before, the freeze, and
> nobody reacted, it is not that nobody cared, it is only that we were
> all tied up with other stuff.  Because the patch tracker is a giant
> mess, please send your patch in again.
> For the same reason, people with commit privileges should not take
> silence during the freeze as an absence of objection to the patch.  We
> are currently getting a flood of messages saying essentially "well,
> nobody complained [during the period when everyone was tied up with
> other stuff], so I'm going to check this in in less than 24 hours."
> Please don't do that.  Please send the patch for review again.
> (I wish it weren't necessary to take silence as assent in this project
> sometimes, but it is, and I've done it myself - but please, give
> people at least a full week to object *after* the assertion that you
> will check something in if there are no objections! This is a
> spare-time project for many of the reviewers.)


Thanks for the public service announcement :-)


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