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Re: [PATCH v3] Fix Days and Months name for Afar Locale

8.08.2017 15:47 Mike FABIAN <> wrote:
> [...]
> These are 13 month names.
> [...]
> > [... table with the names of the 13 months ...]
> I’m not sure how this can be put in to the aa_* locale files at all.
> glibc does not support Ethiopian calendar, or does it?

glibc does not support anything other than the Gregorian calendar
and there is no easy way to change it.  We can't define MON_13 as
MON_12 + 1 because this equals AM_STR.  We can't shift the constants
because this would cause a huge ABI incompatibility.  Lots of
date/time processing functions report an error if a month number
is greater than 12 (or greater than 11 if the month number is

If preparing locales for the countries which use non-Gregorian
calendars we should rather ask how do they call Gregorian months.

Non-Gregorian calendars are supportable only if they accidentally
follow the same rules as Gregorian.  For example, Julian calendar
should be supportable.  But this is not helpful for many
non-European countries.

For non-Gregorian calendars ICU library is probably a better choice.



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