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Re: [PATCH v2] Fix abmon:abday in aa_DJ

Akhilesh Kumar <> wrote:

> [BZ #21897]
> 	*locales/aa_DJ  :"abday" update lowercase to uppercase
> 			:"abmon" update lowercase to uppercase

You did not answer why you want to change these to uppercase.

Why do you think the day names and month names in Afar should start with
uppercase? In some languages, like German, this is the case. In other
languages, like Finnish, the month and day names usually start with
lower case unless they happen to appear at the start of a sentence.

So why do you think it is upper case in Afar?

Do you have some reference? CLDR does not have that language.

@@ -209,18 +209,18 @@ day      "Acaada";/
 % Abbreviated month names (%b)
-abmon    "qun";/
-         "nah";/
-         "cig";/
-         "agd";/
-         "cax";/
-         "qas";/
-         "qad";/
-         "leq";/
-         "way";/
-         "dit";/
-         "xim";/
-         "kax"
+abmon    "Qun";/
+         "Nah";/
+         "Cig";/
+         "Agd";/
+         "Cax";/
+         "Qas";/
+         "Qad";/
+         "Leq";/
+         "Way";/
+         "Dit";/
+         "Xim";/
+         "Kax"
 % Full month names (%B)

So now you are just changing the case of the abbreviation
of February from “nah” to “Nah”.

In your last patch you changed  it to “Kud” because the full
month name in the aa_DJ locale for February is “Kudo”.

Which one is correct? Can you give a reference please?

Mike FABIAN <>

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