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Removing old notes from the source tree

There are several files in the top level of the source tree containing
old notes about bugs, standards conformance, etc.  These have, in
general, not been updated in at least five years.  The information in
them _may_ still be relevant, but it's clear that they are not being
looked at where they are.  To the extent it is still relevant, I think
the manual and/or the wiki are better homes.

I have copied the text of the following four files into the wiki for
preservation's sake, and I propose to remove them from the source
tree; any objections?


Please feel free to hack the text up further, copy into the manual or
into different places in the wiki, determine that a file is totally
irrelevant now and delete it, etc.  I don't plan to do any more

I have also copied the text of two rather more current files into the wiki:

README.pretty-printers ->
README.tunables ->

I am inclined to say that the wiki is the proper home for these and
they should also be removed from the source tree, but I'm open to
being persuaded otherwise.

And finally, I want to ask whether it's actually necessary to have a
one-line MAINTAINERS file that serves only to point people at the
wiki, and whether we actually need COPYING as well as COPYING.LIB
(note that the manual only includes the LGPL, not the GPL).


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