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Re: Improved check-localedef script

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 5:19 AM, Mike FABIAN <> wrote:
> Mike FABIAN <> wrote:
>> The ca_ES source file is not ASCII, it has
>> % català
>> lang_name    "<U0063><U0061><U0074><U0061><U006C><U00E0>"
>> So maybe I could just convert the  file to UTF-8
>> and change “% Charset: ISO-8859-1” into “% Charset: UTF-8”
>> to get rid of the check-localedef warning.
> Actually the file is already UTF-8 encoded, the “català”
> in the comment above is already in UTF-8.

I thought "% Charset: ..." meant the character set _that would be used
for the locale_, not the character set that the locale definition was
encoded in.  So the script tries to convert all of the strings _into_
that character set, on the assumption that they need to be
representable there.  I'm going to post a revised script that takes
this information from localedata/SUPPORTED instead.

Without exception, the existing locale definitions files are either
pure 7-bit ASCII or they are UTF-8.  However, non-ASCII UTF-8
characters currently appear only in comments.


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