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Re: Improved check-localedef script

Zack Weinberg <> wrote:

> Here is an improved version of the check-localedef script I posted the
> other week.  It now takes only about 1.5 seconds to process all the
> files in localedata/locales/ (instead of seven seconds with the old
> parser), which is fast enough that I think it would be reasonable to
> run it during 'make check'.  Also, many bugs have been fixed.
> Especially, the "can we encode this string in the charset that the
> file is annotated with" test now actually _runs_...

    om_ET:15: unknown charset '(Under'
    om_ET:15: unknown charset 'Qubee'
    om_ET:15: unknown charset 'conventions)'
    om_KE:15: unknown charset '(Under'
    om_KE:15: unknown charset 'Qubee'
    om_KE:15: unknown charset 'conventions)'

Seems to be a failure in the script to parse this correctly:

    % Oromo language locale for Ethiopia.
    % Charset: UTF-8 (Under Qubee conventions)

This seems to be an error in the source file:

    lt_LT:35: unknown charset 'BALTIC'

    % Charset: BALTIC

does look weird indeed. 

The other “unknown charset” errors  are from

    % Charset: SLS 1326:2008

    % Charset:   TIS-620.2533:1990

    % Charset: TATAR-CYR

I am not sure wether these “% Charset: ” are useful for anything
at the moment.

Maybe we should remove them all or replace them all by “% Charset: UTF-8”
and make sure that all locale source files are UTF-8 encoded?

(Only POSIX portable character set (ASCII subset) in the actual data,
but UTF-8 allowed in comments).

Mike FABIAN <>

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