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Re: Improved check-localedef script

Zack Weinberg <> wrote:

> Here is an improved version of the check-localedef script I posted the
> other week.  It now takes only about 1.5 seconds to process all the
> files in localedata/locales/ (instead of seven seconds with the old
> parser), which is fast enough that I think it would be reasonable to
> run it during 'make check'.  Also, many bugs have been fixed.
> Especially, the "can we encode this string in the charset that the
> file is annotated with" test now actually _runs_...

I am not sure what do do about this one:

ca_ES:87: string not representable in iso8859-1:

This is the euro symbol, the line from the source file is:

currency_symbol      "<U20AC>"

SUPPORTED contains:

ca_ES.UTF-8/UTF-8 \
ca_ES/ISO-8859-1 \
ca_ES@euro/ISO-8859-15 \

But even though U+20AC cannot be converted to ISO-8859-1, the
ca_ES.ISO-8859-1 locale still works because it is transliterated:

$ LC_ALL=ca_ES locale -k currency_symbol  charmap

So this does not cause an actual problem.

The ca_ES source file is not ASCII, it has

% català
lang_name    "<U0063><U0061><U0074><U0061><U006C><U00E0>"

So maybe I could just convert the  file to UTF-8
and change “% Charset: ISO-8859-1” into “% Charset: UTF-8”
to get rid of the check-localedef warning.

Would that be OK?

Mike FABIAN <>

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