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Re: [PATCH 1/1] Added New Locale en_SC

Akhilesh Kumar <> wrote:

> New locale is added for Seychelles which is a member of the African
> Union and Official languages is English
> [#BZ 21854]
> 	* localedata/SUPPORTED : Added en_SC.UTF-8
> 	* localedata/locales/en_SC: Added New File en_SC

Looks mostly OK, I’ll commit that with the following changes:

    diff --git a/localedata/locales/en_SC b/localedata/locales/en_SC
    index 387f9ca7f3..49800a83fe 100644
    --- a/localedata/locales/en_SC
    +++ b/localedata/locales/en_SC
    @@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ escape_char /

     title      "English locale for the Seychelles"
    -source     "Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd."  
    +source     "Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd."

Fix trailing whitespace

     address    ""
     contact    ""
     email      ""
    @@ -52,11 +52,11 @@ END LC_COLLATE
     int_curr_symbol     "SCR "
     currency_symbol     "SR"
    -mon_decimal_point   "<U002E>"
    -mon_thousands_sep   "<U002C>"
    +mon_decimal_point   "."
    +mon_thousands_sep   ","

Make it more readable by using ASCII.

     mon_grouping        3;3
     positive_sign       ""
    -negative_sign       "<U002D>"
    +negative_sign       "-"

Make it more readable by using ASCII.

     int_frac_digits     2
     frac_digits         2
     p_cs_precedes       1
    @@ -88,12 +88,10 @@ END LC_PAPER

    -% +%c %l                                                    
    -tel_int_fmt "<U002B><U0025><U0063><U0020><U0025><U006C>" 
    +tel_int_fmt "+%c %l"

Make it more readable by using ASCII.

     % 00 Africa: all countries except Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda
    -int_select     "<U0030><U0030>"
    -% 248
    -int_prefix     "<U0032><U0034><U0038>"
    +int_select     "00"
    +int_prefix     "248"

Make it more readable by using ASCII.


    @@ -106,14 +104,15 @@ END LC_NAME

     postal_fmt   "%f%N%h%s%N%T"
    -country_name "seychelles"
    +country_name "Seychelles"

In English, country names start with a capital letter.

     country_ab2  "SC"
     country_ab3  "SYC"
     country_num  690
    -country_car  "SYC"
    +country_car  "SY"

I think "SYC" was wrong.

     country_isbn "978-99931"
     % English
    -lang_name    "<U0045><U006E><U0067><U006C><U0069><U0073><U0068>"
    +lang_name    "English"

Make it more readable by using ASCII.

     lang_ab      "en"
     lang_term    "eng"
     lang_lib     "eng"

Mike FABIAN <>

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