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Re: Improved check-localedef script

Rafal Luzynski <> さんはかきました:

> This "Charset: CP1256" is just a comment.  Is it used anywhere? I don't
> think so.  I think that localedata/SUPPORTED file is relevant and it
> requires ur_PK (and ur_IN as well) to be converted to UTF-8 only.

This comment is supposed to indicate the encoding the locale source file
is written in.

>> [...]
>> So I think we should replace
>> % Charset: CP1256
>> with
>> % Charset: UTF-8
>> in ur_PK.
> The file currently is in pure 7-bit ASCII.  Do we need this line
> at all?  What about removing it?  If it should not be removed then
> maybe let's consider ASCII.  UTF-8 is good if ASCII cannot be used.
> Actually, CP1256 is also true but misleading, the file uses an ASCII
> charset which is a common subset of many other subsets.  The only
> problem is that CP1256 is misleading and causes those false positives.

> TL;DR: my suggestions are (in the order of my preference):
> - remove this line,
> - replace with % Charset: ASCII
> - replace with % Charset: UTF-8
> - leave unchanged,
> - feel free to post your own suggestion.

I would change it to “% Charset: UTF-8”, you are right the the
file is pure ASCII at the moment, but in an ur_PK file it might
make sense to use Arabic scripts in comments and if we do that
we should use UTF-8. So even if the file is currently ASCII,
using “% Charset: UTF-8” shows our intention better.

Mike FABIAN <>

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