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Re: Improved check-localedef script

Zack Weinberg <> wrote:

> Here is an improved version of the check-localedef script I posted the
> other week.  It now takes only about 1.5 seconds to process all the
> files in localedata/locales/ (instead of seven seconds with the old
> parser), which is fast enough that I think it would be reasonable to
> run it during 'make check'.  Also, many bugs have been fixed.
> Especially, the "can we encode this string in the charset that the
> file is annotated with" test now actually _runs_...


> ... and finds dozens and dozens of errors. The full list is attached,
> but here's a small sample:
> localedata/locales/ur_PK... (charset: cp1256)
>   localedata/locales/ur_PK:114: string not representable in cp1256:
>       062C 0646 0648 0631 06CC
>   localedata/locales/ur_PK:115: string not representable in cp1256:
>       0641 0631 0648 0631 06CC
>   localedata/locales/ur_PK:117: string not representable in cp1256:
>       0627 067E 0631 06CC 0644
> These are the abmon strings, so I think it really would be a problem...

This is the first abmon string:

    abmon	"جنوری";/

The last letter in this string, ی U+06CC ARABIC LETTER FARSI YEH
is not convertible to CP1256.

But this letter seems to be really used in writing Urdu, see:

So I think CP1256 is not a suitable charset to use for Urdu.


Wikipedia> Windows-1256 is a code page used to write Arabic (and possibly some

Note the “possibly”.

Wikipedia> other languages that use Arabic script, like Persian and Urdu) under
Wikipedia> Microsoft Windows.
Wikipedia> [...]
Wikipedia> Unicode and UTF-8 are preferred to Windows 1256 in modern
Wikipedia> applications. 0.1% of all web pages use Windows-1256 in June 2016.

So CP1256 doesn’t seem to be used much anymore.

And we don’t have a Urdu locale in that encoding either, our Urdu
locale uses only UTF-8 encoding.

So I think we should replace

    % Charset: CP1256


    % Charset: UTF-8

in ur_PK.

Mike FABIAN <>

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