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Removing ChangeLog [Was Re: 2.26 hard freeze status]

On Wednesday 02 August 2017 11:36 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> If we do that, it should have all the old ChangeLogs, including 
> ChangeLog.old-ports* and nptl/ChangeLog.old and nptl_db/ChangeLog.old 
> (appropriately named).  (I also think that unless and until we can stop 
> using ChangeLogs, we should also move to using just the toplevel ChangeLog 
> for all changes, including libidn and localedata, which would mean moving 
> their existing files as well, but that's a separate issue.)

It makes sense to me, I'll make that directory and move all ChangeLog
files except the toplevel ChangeLog into it if nobody objects by the end
of the week.

To be clear, what is currently blocking us from not using the ChangeLog
file?  A reliable way to attribute authors and not just committers?  We
could start using the Signed-off-by mechanism for it if that works.  As
for bugs (since that is one good piece of information in the commit too)
we could use another Fixes: tag in the commit text.  Anything else?


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