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tst-mallocstate.c failure


The tst-mallocstate test you created is failing for me with my ILP32 aarch64
changes.  This is a new ABI for 2.25 so I am not sure how to
handle malloc_get_state.  If I understand things correctly, malloc_get_state
has been removed from glibc and so should not appear in my ld.abilist,
is that right?

When I did have it I get an error with check-abi-ld:

@@ -1235 +1233,0 @@ GLIBC_2.25 malloc F
-GLIBC_2.25 malloc_get_state F

But taking malloc_get_state out of aarch64.abilist didn't help
the actual tst-malloc-state failure which dies with:

/home/ubuntu/sellcey/glibc-patched/src/glibc/malloc/tst-mallocstate.c:493: undefined reference to `malloc_get_state@GLIBC_2.25'
/home/ubuntu/sellcey/glibc-patched/obj-glibc32/malloc/tst-mallocstate.o: In function `init_heap':
/home/ubuntu/sellcey/glibc-patched/src/glibc/malloc/tst-mallocstate.c:315: undefined reference to `malloc_set_state@GLIBC_2.25'

Do I need to create a dummy version of this routine somewhere?  Or should
this test not be run since I don't have the function that it is trying to
test.  I am not sure what needs to be done to resolve this test failure.

Steve Ellcey

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