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Re: [PATCH][BZ #15527] strftime_l.c: Support lowercase output

7.12.2016 16:39 Mike Frysinger <> wrote:
> [...] might be good to get wider opinion about new
> strftime flags though.
> -mike

Now I lean a little against this change. As I wrote before,
I'd love to see a flag to change the first letter to uppercase
(or to titlecase, if that's more appropriate). A flag to change
whole string to lowercase would be a workaround for this problem
if we also converted all months and weekdays names to the
titlecase in all languages, like in English now. So we would have:

- titlecase by default,
- lowercase if a flag is added explicitly,
- uppercase if a flag is added explicitly.

All reasonable cases covered. Except that converting all locale
data would cause some problems to existing software and that
it wouldn't help the applications which retrieve the months names
or weekdays names with nl_langinfo() rather than strftime().
So indeed I think that a flag to convert to titlecase would
be more useful.

But in that case, do you guys think that converting to lowercase
is useful if all letters are either lowercase already or should
be always as they are now? Can you explain why would any application
ever need the lowercase which should be provided by a format flag
rather than converting programmatically? It seems to be useful
only if some locales want to convert some data to lowercase and
they don't have it lowercase out of the box.



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