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Re: [PATCHv2 3/9] Convert _Complex cosine functions to generated code

On Tue, 16 Aug 2016, Paul E. Murphy wrote:

> This is fairly straight fowards.  m68k overrides are
> updated to use the framework, and thus are simplified
> a bit.
> 	* math/Makefile (libm-gen-calls): Move
> 	s_cacos, s_cacosh, s_ccos, s_ccosh from ...
> 	(libm-calls): Remove above.
> 	* math/s_cacos.c: Refactor into b_cacos.c
> 	* math/s_cacosh.c: Refactor into b_cacosh.c
> 	* math/s_ccos.c: Refactor into b_ccos.c
> 	* math/s_ccosh.c: Refactor into b_ccosh.c

That's not the file name now used.  Also, throughout this series, 
ChangeLog entries should end with ".".

>  	  if (icls >= FP_ZERO)
> -	    __imag__ res = __copysign (signbit (__real__ x) ? M_PI : 0.0,
> -				       __imag__ x);
> +	    __imag__ res = M_COPYSIGN
> +	      (signbit (__real__ x) ? M_MLIT (M_PI) : 0, __imag__ x);

Normal GNU line wrapping here would be before the '=', not before the '(' 
of a function call.

The same issues apply to other patches in this series; please fix globally 
and repost.  As far as I'm concerned, however, the initial infrastructure 
patch in the series can be committed as having been approved rather than 
needing to be reposted every time.

Joseph S. Myers

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