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Re: Merge commits to master?

On 05/31/2016 11:01 AM, Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
>>> Is there any reason you did a merge?
> This is because of my inexperience with git. Here is what I did:
> git pull
> git commit -a # commit deletion for BZ 19653
> git push # error because of intervening commit
> 600c13bf7233b9612e772a94411b8d688b859142
> git merge
^^^^^^^^^^^ instead of merge rebase your local branch.

e.g. git pull --rebase

This brings your local copy of master up to date and applies
your new commit on top, and you almost always have to fix up
the conflicts, then push again.

> git push
> I am sure there is some magic sequence of
> revert/reset/pull/commit/push I should have done instead.

Almost, just changing 'git merge' => 'git pull --rebase' is
enough to rebase your local master branch and then apply your
commits on top (and let you fix the conflicts).
> Sorry about it.

It's OK. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have some
very specific workflow needs.

> P.S. If this needs fixing, I am probably not the best person to fix it either.

I cannot be fixed. It is public history now, and public
history is immutable (and we never want to violate that
even if we can).


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