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Re: [PATCH] fork in libpthread cannot use IFUNC resolver [BZ #19861]

> 	[BZ #19861]
> 	Do not use IFUNC resolver with potentially unrelcated symbol.

typo: "unrelocated"

> --- a/nptl/pt-fork.c
> +++ b/nptl/pt-fork.c
> @@ -25,48 +25,20 @@
>     the historical ABI requires it.  For static linking, there is no need to
>     provide anything here--the libc version will be linked in.  For shared
>     library ABI compatibility, there must be __fork and fork symbols in
> -; so we define them using IFUNC to redirect to the libc
> -   function.  */
> +  */

I think it's worthwhile for this comment to address the IFUNC issue.
e.g., "It's tempting to avoid the tail-call overhead in the shared library
case by using IFUNC here, but ..."

> -DEFINE_FORK (fork_ifunc)
> +strong_alias (fork_compat, fork_ifunc)
>  compat_symbol (libpthread, fork_ifunc, fork, GLIBC_2_0);
> -DEFINE_FORK (__fork_ifunc)
> +strong_alias (fork_compat, __fork_ifunc)
>  compat_symbol (libpthread, __fork_ifunc, __fork, GLIBC_2_0);

Nothing that remains should have "ifunc" in the name.


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