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Re: [PATCHv2 04/14] Refactor type specific macros using regexes

On Fri, 20 May 2016, Paul E. Murphy wrote:

> Replace most of the type specific macros  with the equivalent
> type-generic macro using the following sed replacement command below:
> sed -ri -e 's/defined TEST_FLOAT/TEST_COND_binary32/'     \
>             -e 's/ndef TEST_FLOAT/ !TEST_COND_binary32/'  \
>             -e 's/def TEST_FLOAT/ TEST_COND_binary32/'    \
>             -e 's/defined TEST_DOUBLE/TEST_COND_binary64/'\
>             -e 's/ndef TEST_DOUBLE/ !TEST_COND_binary64/' \
>             -e 's/def TEST_DOUBLE/ TEST_COND_binary64/'   \
>             -e 's/defined TEST_LDOUBLE && //'             \
>             -e 's/ifdef TEST_LDOUBLE/if MANT_DIG >= 64/'  \
>             -e 's/defined TEST_LDOUBLE/MANT_DIG >= 64/'   \
>             -e '9941,10047!s/LDBL_(MIN_EXP|MAX_EXP|MANT_DIG)/\1/g'   \
> Note, TEST_LDOUBLE checks are replaced by MANT_DIG >= 64 excepting
> where another property of the type is being tested.
> Beware, the magic numbers of the final regex. This explicitly
> avoids converting the LDBL_ macros of the nexttoward tests. This
> function always takes a second long double argument.

You can avoid magic numbers by using a range matching regular expressions 
for suitable lines before and after the nexttoward tests, which would make 
this command more robust to changes in / earlier patches.

> 	[TEST_LDOUBLE]: Change usage to TEST_COND_gt_binary64.
> 	[LDBL_MAX_EXP]: Change to TYPE_MAX_EXP.
> 	[LDBL_MIN_EXP]: Change to TYPE_MIN_EXP.
> 	[LDBL_MANT_DIG]: Change to TYPE_MANT_DIG, except for
> 	nexttoward tests.

This part of the ChangeLog entries obviously needs rewriting.

I think in this case it *does* make sense to include the generated changes 
for review in the patch submission.

Joseph S. Myers

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