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Re: [PATCH 3/4] S390: Do not call memcpy, memcmp, memset within via ifunc-plt.

On 05/04/2016 05:22 PM, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:

On 27/04/2016 05:14, Stefan Liebler wrote:
On 04/26/2016 03:35 PM, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:

On 26/04/2016 09:07, Stefan Liebler wrote:
On s390, the memcpy, memcmp, memset functions are IFUNC symbols,
which are created with s390_libc_ifunc-macro.
This macro creates a __GI_ symbol which is set to the
ifunced symbol. Thus calls within to e.g. memcpy
result in a call to *ABS*+0x954c0@plt stub and afterwards
to the resolved memcpy-ifunc-variant.

This patch sets the __GI_ symbol to the default-ifunc-variant
to avoid the plt call. The __GI_ symbols are now created at the
default variant of ifunced function.

Is the internal ifunc plt usage leading to a failure in s390/s390x
(as for powerpc32 and i686) or is it an optimization fix?

No it does not lead to a failure on s390.
It is an optimization to avoid the extra call to the plt-stub if called within

Right because on 19c4bec0f43599eecc2f32de96ae179cd7d64053 I did the
exact opposite because for POWER it shows that the gains of using
optimized version over default one shows a good improvement in
algorithms that use these symbol internally (like regex).

It might be the case where the default s390 version is good enough
and shows no performance difference.

Hi Adhemerval,

I've retested the patchset in context of regex with these functions called with/without ifunc-plt.
The version without ifunc-plt is slightly faster.

But you are right. This decision has to be redetermined with further variants or newer machines.

In case of the string-functions, calling them via ifunc within could gain improvement.


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