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Re: [PATCH] libc-compat.h for <bits/fcntl-linux.h>

On 08 May 2016 22:22, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On 08 May 2016 14:17, Eric Neblock wrote:
> >   I've been doing some kernel hacking and added some new flags to the
> > Linux kernel. I want to use these flags in userland without having to in
> > an additional header (<asm-generic/fcntl.h>) and even then, there are
> > conflicts, because almost everything is already defined.
> > 
> >   As such, I filed a feature request (20050) and was informed about
> > about the process to have compatibility.
> > 
> >   I've attached a patch that shouldn't break anything. Incidentally,
> > everything in the Linux Kernel matches what is done by glibc.
> > 
> >   If I need to provide any more information, then please let me know.
> it seems like your patch is reversed.  please use the latest git instead
> of a release tarball.  `git diff` will make sure it's formatted correctly.

aaand you did that already.  should have read the full thread first.

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