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Re: RFC: GCC plugin to find encrypted function pointer calls in glibc

On 04/29/2016 07:21 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
On 04/29/2016 06:23 AM, Aldy Hernandez wrote:
Since I would prefer not to assume the output of all inline asm's are
a demangling operation, I would like to get feedback from the
community on what would be preferred.

Awesome looking work!
Agreed. So one of the higher level questions is where should this (and follow-up) plugins live? This one seems to be fairly glibc specific right now(*), so ISTM it ought to live in glibc in the immediate term.

The downside is if we muck things up in GCC-land and break the plugin we won't immediately know. But if the plugin lives on the GCC side it's a lot less likely to get used regularly.

And assume that there'll be additional plugins over time where the plugin has some domain specific knowledge of constraint/invariant y'all want to enforce. So building a little bit of infrastructure to utilize those plugins seems wise.

My preferred approach is to add an attribute to an inline function that would wrap the asm:

    __attribute__((decrypt)) static inline funcp demangler (funcp f)

This is straightforward, clean, and follows language semantics (not
to mention that I already have it implemented into my plugin :)), but
Florian made funny faces when I showed it to him, so here I am :).

You can build glibc with gcc 4.7 or newer.

(1) static inline wrapper with function attribute:

For a representative set of architectures, say x86_64, i686, ppc64,
s390x, aarch64, and arm, does a 4.7 or newer compiler do as good a
job with a static inline function as it does with the macro that
evaluates to a bare assembly?
It should, and if it doesn't for a simple case like this, I'd certainly treat it like a big.

(2) Asm attribute:

We have function, variable, type, label, and enumerator attributes,
why not support them on asm statements to mark them as decrypt or
encrypt functions? This would lend itself to a more natural conversion
of inline assembly that users may want to write and embed into their

It is entirely conceivable that (1) does a good-enough job, and we
add (2) at the same time to the latest gcc and backport. When we raise
the supported build compiler version we can switch to (2) if needed.
GCC doesn't have any way to annotate expressions/statements in this way. We can annotate types, functions and variables.


(*) We have discussed recommending other projects use function pointer encryption and if they do, then this plugin would be useful to those projects. But that's future work ;-)

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