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Re: [PATCH] Add Phillipines peso symbol to translit_neutral

On 23 Apr 2016 22:15, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Mike Frysinger:
> >> Is this the correct transliteration?  It is not listed in Unicode.
> >
> > it is, the same as  &  -- just use the currency code in place of the
> > symbol.  where in the standard are you finding the definition for the
> > translit_neutral file ?
> Unicode sometimes give transliterations, but not in this case.  I
> assume because the correct transliteration is locale-dependent.  If
> you translate to the currency code, there are multiple choices for Â
> (for Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan) and perhaps â (as this was used in
> other countries, not just the Philippines).  Â may also have been used
> for Italian Lire.

but we've made a choice already for  &  in this file:
<U00A3> "<U0047><U0042><U0050>"
<U00A5> "<U004A><U0050><U0059>"

Unicode has given a diff codepoint for the Lira: <U20A4>.  although they
did use  in the past, and people might still (since it's more common on

you're right that the Yen-vs-Renminbi is not unambiguous, and considering
the way the Unicode consortium has treated CJK in the past (just see the
misguided "Han Unification" strategy), i don't expect this to change.  we
can pick an obvious "winner" for some locales (like zh_* & ja_*), but what
about common ones like en_US ?  do we leave  unmapped ?

while you're right that other countries have used "the peso", have any
used the â symbol ?  mexico for instance has used $ instead.

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