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Re: [PATCH] localedata: en_NL: new English in the Netherlands locale [BZ #14085]

Hi all,

The rational behind this is the following. Most developers in the Netherlands use the English language while working with Linux et al. but need the local settings for date, hour, paper size, currency, etc. The mixing for this takes place within the LC sections. Compared to Germany or France, in the Netherlands even comments in code are usually/more in English.

Custom mixing is not that easy for the average+advanced user and impossible to get this particular setup. This local will be widely used once available. Users are, at the moment, stuck with either Dutch, US or Irish locale that don't offer what they need. In the Dutch industry, English is often the defacto language.

Adding this locale will not result in an explosion of additional locales, as no other languages than English are linga franca. There is also Danmark English one, I believe.  If you could measure the eventual usage, this locale will be very in much in demand and usage in the Netherlands.



On 22 April 2016 18:10:34 CEST, Florian Weimer <> wrote:
>* Mike Frysinger:
>> +% English language locale for the Netherlands.
>> +% Internationally oriented users who are physically located in the
>> +% use software mainly in the English language.  Therefore they have
>> +% systems usually configured to US English International.  However,
>due to the
>> +% geographic location, it can be desirable for certain data to be
>> +% according to the local Dutch notation while the rest remains in
>Why is this necessary?  Isn't this use case the reason for having
>separate LC_* environment variables, so that you can mix-and-match
>locales like this?  In other words, glibc doesn't need to provide a
>pre-cooked locale.

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