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Re: [PATCH v2] Remove union wait

The substance of the change looks OK to me.  (I spent a little while
deciding how much I object to the non-ASCII double-quotes you used in
NEWS.  But since there are some non-ASCII characters elsewhere in the
file so I'll restrain my Amerocentric Luddism for now.)

I still don't have much opinion either way about staged deprecation.
Since few others have opined, I think the decision now is up to
whether Carlos changes his mind.  

But I will point out that the claim that the deprecation warnings are
just as bad as outright removal is not really right.  Packagers or
system-builders or whoever can add -Wno-error=deprecated to the
compilation flags for a particular package via configure, or for an
entire package-building system in that system's configuration for
building all packages (a la redhat-rpm-config), etc.  Those are all
things that can be done without patching any sources.  When you remove
the feature altogether, there is no way to adjust the build process so
that it continues to work without source code changes.


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