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Re: [PATCH] locales: ay_PE: rename Aymara locale

On 22 Feb 2016 10:14, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> If you cannot even be bothered to do a 10 second research on the meaning

why don't you take 10 seconds to read the posts in this thread that have
details and aren't focused on the distraction of your posting style.

> of ayc I have to question your qualification to work on any locale data
> updates.

i'm more than happy to let other people step up and post updates to the
locale data.  however, no one, including yourself, is doing that.  your
git log in this area has ~10 commits over the last 17 years, and most
are 1 or 2 line changes.

as for qualifications, that is the whole point of peer review.  you can
you can just as easily look at the patches that are posted to the list
as anyone else here.  i've even broken them down into tiny deltas so it
is easy to scan them at a glance rather than doing full rewrites of all
the files.  if you think they're garbage, then feel free to say so *with
supporting details*.

note: i'm not belittling the contributions people have made to locales or
suggesting that some areas of work are more important than others (and
thus one person's contributions are "worth more").  i think we can all
agree that the locale area has been neglected for some time and has been
underserving our users.  2013 had a bunch of good updates by Chris, but
2014 saw 3 changes in total, and 2015 was mostly unicode update by way
of scripted imports.

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