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Re: [PATCH] locales: ay_PE: rename Aymara locale

On 20 Feb 2016 15:02, Chris Leonard wrote:
> Strongest Possible Objection to this change from a technical contact
> for the Aymara localization community and the contributor of the
> locale (me).
> Also maintainer of a Pootle instance with extensive Aymara translations:
> iso-code "ay" represents a language group, whereas "ayc" represent the
> variation spoken in Peru.  A more specific designation was chosen for
> developing the glibc locale after consultation with multiple
> indigenous language organizations (e.g. in order to
> avoid confusion between independent efforts in Peru and Bolivia to
> begin localization of mutual unintelligible language variants.

renaming the locale does not mean the ayc name dies -- we can easily set
up an alias in glibc for it so people can continue to use ayc_PE.  what
matters most i think whether the translated data is mutually intelligible
and have the same basic characteristics.

i.e. look at the content of the ayc_PE file.  if i copy ayc_PE to ayr_PE,
then what in it would be wrong ?  or would the translations/formats still
be (mostly?) correct ?

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