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Re: make tests process failures using cross-test-ssh

On Thu, 11 Feb 2016, Steve Ellcey wrote:

> On Thu, 2016-02-11 at 18:28 +0000, Joseph Myers wrote:
> > On Thu, 11 Feb 2016, Steve Ellcey wrote:
> > 
> > > I would like to change this so that the touch is also done on the target
> > > machine but I am not sure what macros I should use to in order to have
> > > run touch.
> > 
> > In general you should not assume it's possible to run arbitrary commands 
> > on the system running the newly built glibc; remember, the test wrapper 
> > could be an emulator such as userspace QEMU.  By design, the testsuite 
> > runs as little as possible on the system running the newly built glibc: 
> > only programs newly built and linked against it (possibly via "env", but 
> > that's just a default definition).
> Have you (or anyone else) used userspace qemu to do glibc testing?  Is
> there a script like to plug in as the test-wrapper?

I think Roland has done something like that for NaCl testing.  I've done 
things like that involving a complicated set of scripts to send commands 
over a socket to allow a DejaGnu board file to be used for running tests 
from non-DejaGnu testsuites, but not anything convenient to use in a 
standalone way like

Joseph S. Myers

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