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Re: gnu-gabi group

    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 04:38:28PM +0000, Joseph Myers wrote:
    > I think that none of the ABI extensions in question are anything to do 
    > with Linux, the kernel.  Rather, they are ABI extensions for userspace in 
    > the GNU system, which apply the same under multiple kernels (but some of 
    > them may well not apply to Android systems using the Linux kernel, for 
    > example, if the Bionic C library and dynamic linker lack the relevant 
    > features).  Thus it would be more appropriate for a mailing list to be 
    > hosted on sourceware or Savannah, and for any resulting documents to refer 
    > to GNU, not to Linux.
    I like that idea. For elfutils we try to follow the various GNU gabi,
    ELF and DWARF extensions. Most extensions are independent of the linux
    kernel, and also work with kfreebsd or hurd (both of which have a Debian
    elfutils port). Having a central place to ask for clarifications and
    document these extensions would be great. We do maintain a list of GNU
    DWARF extensions:
    But don't have a good list of GNU gabi/ELF extensions.
    If we could ask overseers to setup a new group/list gnu-gabi on sourceware
    where binutils, gcc, gdb, glibc and other interested parties could join
    to maintain these extensions and ask for clarifications that would be
    wonderful. I am not a big fan of google groups mailinglists, they seem
    to make it hard to subscribe and don't have easy to access archives.
    Having a local gnu-gabi group on would be better IMHO.

I agree.  gnu-gabi seems more appropriate than linux-abi.

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