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Re: Linux-abi group

On 11-Feb-2016 07:21 PM, H.J. Lu wrote:
On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 2:26 AM, Suprateeka R Hegde
<> wrote:

I think we are fragmenting with too many standards and mailing lists. This
new discussion group and eventually the resulting standards, all might be
put under LSB

The Intro on LSB says:

And thats what this proposal is intended for.

And we can use the LSB mailing list for all

What do you think?

LSB lists extensions which have been implemented.  But it isn't a spec
you can use to implement them.  For example:

But it gives no details.  Linux ABI group is the place where we propose
extensions before they get implemented.

How to implement, according to me, is design details of a particular product. It also depends on the language used to develop the product. Standards, in most cases, are not tied to a language and hence do not enforce implementation details.

For instance, the document "ELF Handling of Thread Local Storage" is a technical whitepaper that encourages a way of implementation. It is not an official extension.

I meant, use LSB mailing lists for proposals and after implementation, update the LSB for all future references. If there is a need to show implementation details, it should be a separate document.

My suggestion is to create something for all (entire Linux and not just ABI) and make the ABI part of it. So as per your description of LSB, we need a namespace something like LSB-Draft where entire Linux community can discuss proposals and ABI is part of it.

Also, another namespace within LSB that holds documents showing example implementations.

As we see through this discussion, there are many mailing lists and groups with lot of overlaps. I think we have to prevent more such fragmentation.

These are the thoughts I had. Bottom line is that, a standard is always welcome. It is beneficial to all across industry.


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