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Re: Requiring Linux 3.2 for glibc 2.24

> On 02/09/2016 03:54 PM, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> On 02/09/2016 03:36 PM, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
>>> I am in favor of that. That said when have we tried to do so in Debian
>>> stretch/sid (which will be released in 2017), people started to
>>> loudly that it breaks openvz. We had to revert the change given a lot
>>> VPS providers are using openvz.
>>> It seems that openvz is currently not ported on more recent kernels
>>> 2.6.32 and that it will be supported until 2019 for SLES11 and 2020 for
>>> RHEL7. This unfortunately doesn't encourage openvz to move to newer
>>> kernels.
>> I've got access to a Virtuozzo container which runs on a commercially
>> supported (?) 3.10 kernel variant.

> It turns out it's lying about the kernel version:

> <>

> Oh dear.

> Florian
Yep, we have to do this in order still allow OpenVZ users to run desired
inside Containers. Unfortunately, they will to run brand new Linux
every time they appear. :)

Seriously, we wouldn't do these hacks if glibc preserve compatibility with

Thank you,

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