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Re: [PATCH] powerpc: New feature - HWCAP/HWCAP2 bits in the TCB

On 07/03/2015 04:55 AM, OndÅej BÃlka wrote:
>> At the end of the day it's up to IBM to make the best use of the
>> tp+offset data stored in the TCB, but every byte you save is another
>> byte you can use later for something else.
> Carlos a problem with this patch is that they ignored community
> feedback. Early in this thread Florian come with better idea to use
> GOT+offset that could be accessed as 
> &hwcap_hack and avoids per-thread runtime overhead.

Steven and Carlos have not ignored the community feedback, they just
have a different set of priorities and requirements. There is little
to discuss if your priorities and requirements are different.

The use of tp+offset data is indeed a scarce resource that should be
used only when absolutely necessary or when the use case dictates.

It is my opinion as a developer, that Carlos' patch is flawed because
it uses a finite resource, namely tp+offset data, for what I perceive
to be a flawed design pattern that as a free software developer I don't
want to encourage. These are not entirely technical arguments though,
they are subjective and based on my desire to educate and mentor developers
who write such code. I don't present these arguments as sustained
opposition to the patch because they are not technical and Carlos
has a need to accelerate this use case today.

I have only a few substantive technical issues with the patch. Given
that the ABI allocates a large block of tp+offset data, I think it is
OK for IBM to use the data in this way. For example I think it is much
much more serious that such a built application will likely just crash
when run with an older glibc. This is a distribution maintenance issue
that I can't ignore and I'd like to see it solved by a dependency on a
versioned dummy symbol.

Lastly, the symbol address hack is an incomplete solution because Florian
has not provided an implementation. Depending on the implementation it
may require a new relocation, and that is potentially more costly to the
program startup than the present process for filling in HWCAP/HWCAP2.
Without a concrete implementation I can't comment on one or the other.
It is in my opinion overly harsh to force IBM to go implement this new
feature. They have space in the TCB per the ABI and may use it for their
needs. I think the community should investigate symbol address munging
as a method for storing data in addresses and make a generic API from it,
likewise I think the community should investigate standardizing tp+offset
data access behind a set of accessor macros and normalizing the usage
across the 5 or 6 architectures that use it.

> Also I now have additional comment with api as if you want faster checks
> wouldn't be faster to save each bit of hwcap into byte field so you
> could avoid using mask at each check?

That is an *excellent* suggestion, and exactly the type of technical
feedback that we should be giving IBM, and Carlos can confirm if they've
tried such "unpacking" of the bits into byte fields. Such unpacking is
common in other machine implementations.


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