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Re: [BZ#17090/17620/17621]: fix DTV race, assert, and DTV_SURPLUS Static TLS limit

[COMMITTED PATCH 1/3] Clean up NPTL fork to be compat-only.

[COMMITTED PATCH 2/3] Clean up NPTL longjmp to be compat-only.

[COMMITTED PATCH 3/3] Clean up NPTL system to be compat-only.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Add placeholder and *.abilist files.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Convert dlfcn/tststatic2 to use test-skeleton.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Convert tst-iconv3 to use test-skeleton.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Convert tst-iconv5 to use test-skeleton.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Don't crash in iconv setup when getcwd fails.

[COMMITTED PATCH] miscellaneous test cleanups

[COMMITTED PATCH] NPTL: Initializer for .init_array-only configurations.

Re: [COMMITTED PATCH] Remove explicit inline on malloc perturb functions.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Support after-link variable to run a final step on binaries.

[COMMITTED PATCH] Use -Werror=undef for assembly code.

[COMMITTED] [PATCH] powerpc: Fix memmove static build

[COMMITTED] Consolidate arena_lookup and arena_lock into a single arena_get

[COMMITTED] General udpate and regeneration.

[COMMITTED] hppa: Remove warnings and fix conformance errors.

[COMMITTED] Make error checking effective in nptl/tst-cond25.c.

[COMMITTED] Use ALIGN_UP, ALIGN_DOWN, PTR_ALIGN_UP, pagesize, and powerof2 in more places.

Re: [IA64] Fix BZ17792 - Remove fixed page size macros and others

Re: [musl] Re: [PATCHv3 00/24] ILP32 support in ARM64

[PATCH v3 1/2] libio: fmemopen rewrite to POSIX compliance

[PATCH 0/1 V2] manual/time.texi: TZ and zoneinfo updates

Re: [PATCH 0/6] powerpc: multiarch cleanups

[PATCH 1/1 V2] manual/time.texi: correct the zoneinfo path

[PATCH 1/2] Install config files

[PATCH 2/2] Install nscd systemd files

Re: [PATCH 4/4] resolv: fix rotate option

Re: [PATCH 8/8] startup: bind the startup server to /servers/startup

[PATCH COMMITTED] Fix sparc semaphore implementation after recent changes.

[PATCH COMMITTED] Fix two bugs in sparc atomics.

[PATCH COMMITTED] nios2: fix -pg static link problem

[PATCH roland/arm] ARM: Add missing sfi_breg in LDR_GLOBAL macro.

[PATCH roland/dl-fileid] Factor file identity rules out of generic rtld code.

[PATCH roland/test-snan] Clean up math/test-snan.

Re: [PATCH v2 1/3] PowerPC: Add the lock elision using HTM

Re: [PATCH v2][BZ 16852] Do not clobber recvmmsg argument.

[PATCH v3 2/2] libio: Update tst-fmemopen2.c

[PATCH v3] tzset robustness [BZ#17715]

Re: [PATCH] [BZ #17836]: -pg -pie doesn't work on x86-64

[PATCH] [BZ #17912] powerpc: Add O_TMPFILE to <fcntl.h>

Re: [PATCH] [BZ 17588 13064] Update UTF-8 charmap and width to Unicode 7.0.0

[PATCH] [RFC] malloc: Reduce worst-case behaviour with madvise and refault overhead

[PATCH] [v2] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps

[PATCH] [v3] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps. Fixes bug 17195

[PATCH] [v4] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps [BZ #17195]

[PATCH] [v5] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps [BZ #17195]

[PATCH] [v6] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps [BZ #17195]

[PATCH] [v7] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps [BZ #17195]

[PATCH] [v8] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps [BZ #17195]

[PATCH] _nss_nis_initgroups_dyn: Return error status

Re: [PATCH] Adjust some timeouts for slow CPUs

[PATCH] alloca: fix buf interaction

[Patch] Another MIPS fix for -Werror=undef

[PATCH] Avoid deadlock in malloc on backtrace

[PATCH] Avoid redundant shift character in iconv output at block boundary (bug 17197)

[PATCH] BZ #14906: Enhance nscd's inotify support.

[patch] Cleanup #includes in preparation for BZ#16734 fix

Re: [PATCH] Coordinate in6_pktinfo and ip6_mtuinfo for kernel and glibc

[PATCH] CVE-2014-8121: Fix nss_files file management [BZ#18007]

[PATCH] Don't define __CORRECT_ISO_CPP_STRING_H_PROTO for non-GCC compilers

[PATCH] Filter out PTHREAD_MUTEX_NO_ELISION_NP bit in pthread_mutexattr_gettype (BZ #15790)

[PATCH] Fix __memcpy_chk on non-SSE2 CPUs

[patch] Fix BZ #17269 _IO_wstr_overflow integer overflow

[patch] Fix BZ #17916 fopen unbounded stack usage for ccs= modes

[patch] Fix BZ 18036 buffer overflow (read past end of buffer) in internal_fnmatch=>end_pattern

[patch] Fix BZ#16374 -- don't use mmap for FILE buffers

[PATCH] Fix connect/sendto/sendmsg into making sure to ignore bytes beyond sockaddr length

RE: [PATCH] Fix dynamic linker issue with bind-now

Re: [PATCH] Fix failure of elf/tst-audit2 when compiled with GCC-5

[patch] Fix failure to cleanup input-only stream buffers in preparation for BZ#16734 fix

[patch] Fix for BZ #18043 buffer-overflow (read past the end) in wordexp/parse_dollars/parse_param

[patch] Fix for BZ 18042 buffer-overflow (read past the end) in wordexp/parse_backtick/parse_backslash

[patch] Fix for heap overflow in wscanf (BZ 16618)

Re: [PATCH] Fix lll_unlock twice in pthread_cond_broadcast

[PATCH] Fix localplt test breakage with new readelf

[Patch] Fix MIPS build failure caused by -Werror=undef

[PATCH] Fix problem with GCC 4.9.1 in string/tester.c

[PATCH] Fix read past end of pattern in fnmatch (bug 18032)

Re: [PATCH] fix to malloc checking

[patch] For BZ #17328, mark __errno_location with __attribute__((returns_nonnull)) for gcc >=4.9.0

[PATCH] hppa: fix __O_SYNC to match the kernel

[PATCH] hppa: fix build failure with RTLD_PRIVATE_ERRNO

Re: [PATCH] hurd: -Werror

[PATCH] hurd: add TLS support

[PATCH] hurd: Allow unknown root directory

[PATCH] hurd: Fix F_*LK* fcntl with __USE_FILE_OFFSET64

[PATCH] hurd: Get a startup server port from a file instead of a PID

[PATCH] hurd: take __USE_EXTERN_INLINES into account

[PATCH] ia64: drop custom getpagesize

Re: [PATCH] ia64: Remove custom lowlevellock.h.

RE: [PATCH] Improve bcopy performance

RE: [PATCH] Improve bzero performance

RE: [PATCH] Improve memccpy performance

RE: [PATCH] Improve stpncpy performance

RE: [PATCH] Improve strncpy performance further

[PATCH] Initialize the entire obstack struct [BZ #17919]

Re: [PATCH] Make an error message identical to two others, and more accurate.

[PATCH] manual/time.texi (TZ Variable): no tzfiles

[PATCH] manual: Correct type in struct timeval/timespec.

[PATCH] New condvar implementation that provides stronger ordering guarantees.

Re: [PATCH] Only use 64b atomics in semaphores if long int is 64b.

Re: [PATCH] powerpc64: strncpy optimization for unaligned string

[PATCH] powerpc: drop R_PPC_REL16 check

[PATCH] powerpc: Fix __wcschr static build

Re: [PATCH] powerpc: Fix inline feraiseexcept, feclearexcept macros

[PATCH] powerpc: Remove HAVE_ASM_GLOBAL_DOT_NAME define

[PATCH] powerpc: Spinlock optimization and cleanup

[PATCH] powerpc: sysdeps/powerpc configure cleanup

[PATCH] PR bootstrap/65176: config.guess failed to guess machine with 64-bit kernel and 32-bit user space

[PATCH] PR dynamic-link/17711: copy relocations against protected symbols don't work

[PATCH] Remove atomic operations from malloc.c

[Patch] Remove extra bits/endian.h file for MIPS

[PATCH] Remove unused defines from strxfrm_l.c and strcoll_l.c

[PATCH] Rewrite handling of nameserver configuration in resolver

[PATCH] S390: Build failure due to nptl/pt-longjmp.c changes.

Re: [PATCH] s390: Use generic lowlevellock-futex.h.

[PATCH] Silence resolver logging for DNAME records when DNSSEC is enabled

[PATCH] Skip logging for additional DNSSEC records from RFC4034 [BZ 14841]

Re: [PATCH] Update timex.h for ADJ_SETOFFSET.

RE: [PATCH][AArch64] Optimize strlen

[PATCH][BZ #16145] Reduce lock contention in __tz_convert()

[PATCH][v2] manual/time.texi (TZ Variable): no tzfiles

[PATCH][V2][BZ #17833] _dl_close_worker() does not release inconsistent objects.

[PATCH][V2][BZ #17833][PING] _dl_close_worker() does not release inconsistent objects.

[PATCH][v3] manual/time.texi (TZ Variable): no tzfiles

Re: [PATCH][v4][BZ #17523] linux: open and openat ignore 'mode' with O_TMPFILE in flags

Re: [PATCHv3 00/24] ILP32 support in ARM64

[PING] [PATCH][BZ #16145] Reduce lock contention in __tz_convert()

[PING] [v3] malloc: Consistently apply trim_threshold to all heaps. Fixes bug 17195

[PING^9][PATCH 3/2] Use strspn/strcspn/strpbrk ifunc in internal calls.

[Question] threads.h library

Re: [RFC PATCH] aarch64: improve memset

[RFC] further speedup of strcoll

[RFC][BZ #17943] Use long for int_fast8_t

Fwd: ANNOUNCEMENT: Intel386 psABI version 1.0

Avoid -Wno-write-strings for k_standard.c [committed]

Avoid uninitialized warnings in Bessel functions [committed]

Build bot failure i686.

buildbot for glibc

Re: bzero/bcopy/bcmp/mempcpy (was: Improve strncpy performance further)

Cleaning up patch tracker state.

Corrupted test cases since "Don't require test wrappers to preserve environment variables, use more consistent environment" heaps

Failure to dlopen libgomp due to static TLS data

Fix asin missing underflows (bug 16351) [committed]

Fix atan / atan2 missing underflows (bug 15319) [committed].

Fix dbl-64/wordsize-64 remquo (bug 17569) [committed]

Fix exp2 spurious underflows (bug 16560) [committed]

Fix fnmatch handling of collating elements (BZ #17396, BZ #16976)

Fix ldbl-128/ldbl-128ibm acosl inaccuracy (bug 18038, bug 18039) [committed]

Fix ldbl-128ibm acoshl inaccuracy (bug 18019) [committed]

Fix ldbl-128ibm asinhl inaccuracy (bug 18020) [committed]

Fix ldbl-128ibm ilogbl near powers of 2 (bug 18029)

Fix ldbl-128ibm logbl near powers of 2 (bug 18030) [committed]

Fix ldbl-96, ldbl-128ibm atanhl inaccuracy (bug 18046, bug 18047) [committed]

Fix MIPS __mips_isa_rev -Werror=undef build [committed]

Fix MIPS _ABIO64 -Werror=undef build [committed]

Fix MIPS _COMPILING_NEWLIB -Werror=undef build [committed]

Fix posix_spawn getrlimit64 namespace (bug 17991)

Fix powerpc software sqrt (bug 17964) [committed]

Fix powerpc software sqrtf (bug 17967) [committed]

Fix remquo spurious overflows (bug 17978) [committed]

Fix scandir scandirat namespace (bug 17999)

Fix search.h namespace (bug 17996)

Fix sign of remquo zero remainder in round-downward mode (bug 17987) [committed]

Fix sincos errno setting (bug 15467) [committed].

Fix x86/x86_64 scalb (qNaN, -Inf) (bug 16783) [committed]

gdb pretty printers for pthreads?

glibc 2.21 -- out today.

glibc 2.21 branch is cut, and glibc 2.22 is open for development.

glibc 2.21 is almost ready --- branch on Tuesday with trunk likely reopened Wednesday February 4th.

The GNU C Library version 2.21 is now available

GSoc 2015 man-pages proposal: a parser for glibc feature test macros

Re: Intel's new rte_memcpy()

lazy loading for glibc?

LFCS2015 -- The GNU C Library Status Update.

Re: lll_futex_wake_unlock customized on sparc -- why?

Missing security fix in elf/dl-open.c?

Multiple aliases on Sourceware Bugzilla

New gnulib wrappers with glibc 2.21.

Non-portable echo usage in sysdeps/unix/

nscd paranoia mode restart functionality

Ping Re: Update Linux kernel to current glibc soft-fp

PING: [PATCH] [BZ #17836]: -pg -pie doesn't work on x86-64

PING: [PATCH] hurd: Get a startup server port from a file instead of a PID

Ping^5 Re: Correct __ASSUME_PRLIMIT64 for hppa/microblaze/sh (bug 17779)

Ping^6 Re: Correct __ASSUME_PRLIMIT64 for hppa/microblaze/sh (bug 17779)

Ping^7 Re: Correct __ASSUME_PRLIMIT64 for hppa/microblaze/sh (bug 17779)

Ping^8 Re: Correct __ASSUME_PRLIMIT64 for hppa/microblaze/sh (bug 17779)

Possible issue with hurd: Fix abi-tag, following ba90e05

Propose C Metaprogramming-based qsort as GNU extension

question about hppa - parisc support

question about scandir's marking

Question about the usage of pthread_mutex_t's __data.__lock

Refine documentation of libm exceptions goals [committed]

Relative performance of memcpy at GLIBC_2 dot 2 dot 5 and memcpy at GLIBC_2 dot 14

Remove sysdeps/mips soft-fp subdirectories [committed]

Re: search locale archive again after alias expansion

Seeking consensus on BZ 16734

Re: sem_trywait changes broke sparc

Should glibc provide a builtin C.UTF-8 locale?

soft-fp: Adjust call to abort for kernel use [committed]

soft-fp: Fix _FP_FMA when product is zero and third argument is finite (bug 17932)

soft-fp: Refine FP_EX_DENORM handling for comparisons

soft-fp: Support floating-point extensions without quieting sNaNs

static_assert in c89 and c99

Submitting a build to build bot?

Testing, sorry ...

Update Linux kernel to current glibc soft-fp

Updates for Linux 3.19?

Volunteer to be the release manager for glibc 2.22 (August 2015)!

What does LAV_CURRENT mean backwards compatibility of LD_AUDIT interface?

Which subdirectories need to support !_LIBC?

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