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Re: Which subdirectories need to support !_LIBC?

On Wed, 25 Feb 2015, Florian Weimer wrote:

> Are there any subdirectories which need to be built externally except
> intl and soft-fp?

It's not on a subdirectory basis.  !_LIBC is relevant for files shared 
with external projects such as gnulib, and for installed headers.  (For 
the latter, it's generally preferable as far as possible to move away from 
installed headers containing anything not relevant when installed, with 
such content going in include/ wrappers instead.  Note that not all bits/ 
headers are installed headers - see bug 14912 - and not all that are 
installed should be installed - bits/stdio-lock.h sometimes confuses 
people by being an installed header that includes the non-installed 
lowlevellock.h, but is only included if _IO_MTSAFE_IO, which like _LIBC 
should never be defined by users; I think the same in turn applies to 
bits/libc-lock.h, only included by bits/stdio-lock.h among installed 

libio is not shared, although once it used to be shared by libstdc++ (so 
_LIBC and __cplusplus conditionals in libio files that aren't installed 
headers can go away).

Joseph S. Myers

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