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Re: soft-fp: Adjust call to abort for kernel use [committed]

On Fri, 20 Feb 2015, Rich Felker wrote:

> Could these be replaced by __builtin_trap() or similar? I'm not clear
> on whether this code is purely glibc+kernel or also used by gcc, but
> if it's used by gcc too it would be very much preferable not to have
> libgcc pulling in a reference to abort (this affects -ffreestanding,
> etc.).

This code is used by libgcc as well.  The particular case in this patch is 
one that could become a call to a nonexistent __softfp_link_failure or 
similar.  The ones that may sometimes end up as abort calls could be 
__builtin_unreachable.  There is never a need for an actual abort.

(Actually the aborts from _FP_CLS_COMBINE switches seem to get optimized 
out by current GCC anyway - I don't see them in the TFmode functions in 
libgcc from a recent x86_64 build, for example; looking at some old 
powerpc libraries I have to hand, I see them from GCC 4.3 but not 4.4.  
The ones in those switches are the only ones needing more than simple 
constant folding to optimize away.)

Joseph S. Myers

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