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Re: [PATCH] [BZ 17588 13064] Update UTF-8 charmap and width to Unicode 7.0.0

On 02/12/2015 05:18 AM, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>> Regression tested on x86_64-linux-gnu.  Ok to install?

Yes, this version is OK to install if you fix all the nits.

Despite complaints that a change in the generator would create
a smaller diff, that doesn't matter to me. You can still review
the output and it is readable (and I used scripts to review the
automatically generated code).

This is a wonderful step up, being able to do `make`, `make check`,
and `make install` from the generators directory is amazing automation!

Way to go team! :-)

>> Unicode 7.0.0 update; added generator scripts.
>> From: Alexandre Oliva <>
>> for  localedata/ChangeLog

Nit: ChangeLog needs [BZ #xxx] etc.

Nit: This covers bugs 17588, 13064, *AND* 14094.

Nit: Needs a NEWS entry describing this in full glory :-)

>> 	* unicode-gen/Makefile: New.


Some might argue it fits better under "scripts" e.g. scripts/unicode-gen,
but I don't care. We can move it later if we think it should move at all.

>> 	* unicode-gen/ New generator.

Nit: Wrong copyright year e.g. 2014 -> 2015.

Nit: We don't use "Contributed by" statements, they are instead pat of what
     git records as Author or in the git commit message.

     This nit applies to all the files that have "Contributed by"


>> 	* unicode-gen/ New verifier.


>> 	* unicode-gen/ New verifier
>> 	module.


>> 	* unicode-gen/ New generator.


>> 	* unicode-gen/utf8_compatibility: New verifier.


>> 	* charmaps/UTF-8: Update.


>> 	* locales/i18n: Update.


Note: Manually verified certain conversions to make sure they matched.
      Manual verification passed OK.

>> 	* gen-unicode-ctype.c: Remove.


>> 	* Adjust, islower now returns
>> 	true for ordinal indicators.

Nit: This need a specific new BZ for the fix to user-visible behaviour.
     Discussed in,
     but should have a bug of it's own with a comment about why the old
     behaviour is wrong, and that the existing regression test covers the
     change and has been fixed.


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