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Re: [PATCH 1/1 V2] manual/time.texi: correct the zoneinfo path

On 02/13/2015 06:16 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
>> To be honest, as a patch. I'm going to change the contribution checklist.
> A consensus of one?

Sorry, my intent was to simply start a new discussion on the topic.

>> As a patch it allows me to use patchwork to pull down the patch, git am,
>> and then let my merge driver fix it up or fixup manually.
> The main reason it has always been policy not to include ChangeLog diffs in
> a patch is that the context (i.e. top few lines of the file) always changes
> and so the patch fails to apply.  If it does happen to apply because of
> successful context matching, that puts the new log entry someplace other
> than at the top of the line, which is not allowed.


The mean reason I want everything in the patch is so that I can do:

pwclient get XXX
patch -1 < foo.patch
git am foo.patch

Then I fixup ChangeLog quickly.

Alternatively I would have to cut and paste from foo.patch to

This discussion however is going to degenerate quickly into "Why
do we need ChangeLogs" and that's not a useful place to go.

I will instead take this time to look over again how to do ChangeLog
auto-generation from commit meta-data, to solve this problem more easily.


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